Custom Knife Worx

Marcos Doran






Simple Elegance

A Drop Point Hunter, with it's two tone blended leather sheath.


A Big Bowie Sheath

An example of tooling reflecting some local culture.


Custom Sheath

A Drop Point Utility and it's tooled sheath, marked an archery event for a lucky competitor.


Custom Sheath

An XL Drop Point Hunter, with it's custom sheath to mark the birth of a new arrival.



A pair Drop Point Hunters and their sheaths, with different styles of tooling work applied.


The Kali Vines

A Kali Fighter, one of a twin pair with it's intertwined vine pattern leather sheath.


Custom Sheath

A replacement sheath complete with tooling in an archery theme for a fellow archer's large Bowie Knife. The Australian Black Bean hard wood handle was also a refit to give a more natural look to this hard working knife.




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